Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Want To Like You

Let's get some [FULL DISCLOSURE] out of the way: I was born, and spent a lot of my youth, in Louisville, KY and it was very cool to see a movie shot there (last one I can think of was The Insider), so I was unfairly biased towards liking this movie from the very beginning. Also, I LOVE Zombie Flicks. See how I capitalized Zombie Flick? Look, I did it again! Additionally, I've reviewed this movie once before, a few years ago, and I gave it a rather scathing review. Now I've watched it again and have a slightly different take. For those of you that bother reading the original review (no link, go find it your damned self!), you'll notice that the core of the piece is intact. I just softened the edges and added some fluff. Just for you. This movie has a great poster, literally the best title for a Zombie Flick ever, and it was filmed in my adopted home town. How could it be anything other than good?

I tried, tried, tried to like this movie more than I did, Dear Readers, but I couldn't. The lighting was bad, the plot was shaky at best, and the acting... oh the acting. How could you live in a city that holds the best Off-Broadway theatre troupe in the country (Actors Theatre) and have acting this bad? Even accounting for the fact that the budget was probably only $100 they could surely have gotten a few actors with at least some experience. To be fair, the writing wasn’t really that bad, and I genuinely enjoyed the dialogue (especially the recurring debate/joke over how you pronounce Louisville), even if it was delivered poorly. It's got a motorcycle gang, Zombies, and SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN! What happened?! Probably just inexperience, but I haven't seen the other movies these guys have done so I can't really tell you if they've progressed. The one sheet though, is just fucking amazing (see above). Equal parts Army of Darkness, Duke Nukem, and sword wielding.

Louisville has a history with Zombie Flicks, and it's nice to see that still living (dead) and breathing shambling, but I just don't think I can recommend this movie. What's that? You want to see the trailer? You don't trust your good friend, Mr. Attack Resistance? Well, okay, but don't get pissed when I say, 'I told you so.'

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  1. Still not as bad as 'The American' with George Clooney