Monday, March 28, 2011

July In March Part One

On Wednesday Miss Late July is releasing her new album, Hospital Quiet, and I decided that since I'm too far away to buy her vegan cupcakes for congratulations, I'd dedicate all three blog posts this week to her awesome music. We'll start with a quick what's what of the special Who.

  1. Claims to be originally from California but, as you'll see later, I believe she's from Galiffrey.
  2. Currently resides in Toronto.
  3. Vegan, loves dogs.
  4. Has referred to her music on more than one occasion as 'Sadcore'. Don't worry, I had to Google it too. 
  5. Lives with this girl (<--- probably NSFW) in an apartment they've christened Fort Dork.  
I don't think either one of them would accept a marriage proposal via e-mail or Twitter, but I understand where you're coming from. Now, on to the music!
As we've done in the past here at Attack Resistance we're going to give you a track by track break down of her debut album, Side Swept.

  1. Literary Kings - The first track off the album is probably the fastest paced, and really belies that whole sadcore thing I mentioned earlier. I particularly like the advice to '... call your momma' and '...get out of your skin'. Of course, thanks to some lame decency laws, I'm not really allowed to do that anymore. This song would fit in perfectly with my wife's workout mix. Not mine though. I only listen to Death Metal. You don't believe me do you? *sigh*
  2. Binary Hearts - Within ten seconds Miss Late July confirms my suspicion that she is, in fact, a Time Lady. You know who has two kinds of hearts? Gallifreyans! BUSTED! Oh, the song is good too. It's about a chick who can't seem to resist a guy she knows probably isn't really great for her. I dig it. Mainly because I gave up fighting and just got married to the loveliest lady in the world
  3. Rewind - A song about time travel. You know Who travels through time? Yes he does. See what I did there? Sorta like a Who's On First thing... Oh sod it. This song reminds me of the times I spent wandering about Toronto with no idea where I was or where I was going, but I kept running into people who were dressed to the nines, and having a marvelous time. I have secretly harbored a desire to just fall into one of those crowds sometime to see what happens.
  4. A Well Kept Secret - Ahhh... This is what she means by sadcore. I like this song a lot. It's a good one to slow dance to in the kitchen for no reason other than you like being near the one you love. Wow. Got a little introspective there for a second.. Here, let me show you something funny to cleanse the pallet.
  5. Side Swept - The title track! I mentioned this on my Twitter feed a while back and it's still true: this song needs to be the title and the theme to an indie rom/com. Picture this: after 75 minutes of hilarious hijinks where our male and female protagonists do everything they can to not fall in love with each other, they find that they have fallen in love with one another and spend the last ten minutes of the film trying to get off of their respective trains, only to run into each other in the same dining car. They make eye contact, the guy smirks, the girl smiles demurely, and as this song starts playing we have a crane shot pull back out of the car high into the air as the train goes about it's merry way and all parties involved understand that there has, in fact, been a happy ending. Brilliant.


  1. Great piece, wait till you hear Hospital Quiet. (I snagged a preview copy she was giving away and will also be purchasing it as soon as I am able)

    She and her roommate just started a website with podcasts for Fort Dork at

    One quibble, you couldn't find any better videos of her roommate, Kat? (SFW) (NSFW) (SFW) (Very NSFW)

  2. Threk, I'm awarding you five points for taking the time to categorize the videos you suggested by level of workplace suitability. There's nothing worse than someone sending you a link only to find out that it's some kind of weird, Japanese tentacle porn. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I'm no longer allowed to work at any elementary school in the country.

    Miss Late July, you get ten points for no reason other than you deigned to grace my pitiful little blog with a positive comment. Gracias!