Wednesday, March 30, 2011

July In March Part Two - Shut the F*ck Up When I'm Talking to You

For those of you that have been paying attention, you know that I've dedicated this week's blog posts to Miss Late July and you also know that the aforementioned artist is an amazing singer/songwriter who lives with a nude newscaster. Really, that last point isn't critical towards my argument but I mean, come on, I don't need an excuse to put hot chicks on this blog. Late July (née Nicole Simone) is releasing her new album, Hospital Quiet tonight and will be having a release party at The Painted Lady in Toronto. As I live about 570 miles 913 kilometers away, I won't be making it to the shindig but I can give her the free press of a review. If you're unaware, that's a big deal. This blog is read by, literally, tens of people!

I got this album about a month ago because I charmed the artist into giving me a promo copy by using my disarming wit, devilish grin, and striking good looks begged for it. It is a wonderful sophomore effort and solidly puts Late July into the sadcore genre. Let's get to the review!

  1. Doghearted - The opener to the album, Doghearted, is twangy enough to almost be mistaken for a country song. In fact, I don't think this song would be out of place on a Dixie Chicks or Allison Krauss album. It's a melancholy tune and I've listened to it several times while lying on the couch, waiting for Spring to come. By the way, Nicole, I'd like a check for $100 (USD) if either of the above buy this song.
  2. Good Behaviour - This is my favourite song on the album and it has even dethroned Side Swept as my favourite (the u is just for my Canadian and British friends) July song. It comes in two flavors: Clean or Explicit. They're both good, but the explicit version showcases one the greatest uses of the word fuck in human history. I can't think of higher praise so let's move one.
  3. Parkdale - A sad song, to be sure, but possibly an anthem for someone leaving their hometown to set off into the big wide world. While I can't say I spent much time there, I have walked around a bit in Parkdale, and found it to be a bittersweet place full of past glory and some rather depressing hipster shops. Still, there were some kick ass old mansions to look at. That's always fun because Batman lives in a kick ass old mansion.
  4. What the Hell - Someone has done this chick wrong. This song says so. Honestly though, who could be mean to Miss Late July? Look at the album cover, she looks like a porcelain doll! Also, I'm pretty sure that locket she's wearing is a horcrux and you do not want to fuck with someone that skilled in the Dark Arts.
  5. Hospital Quiet - So remember back in Part 1 where I got introspective for a second? I have to do it again. I couldn't listen to this song all the way through the first time because it reminded be a little too much of some really, really bad times in my life. That, Dear Readers, is the hallmark of a good songwriter.
  6. What's Left - Saddest. Song. Ever. 'Nuff Said
  7. Doghearted (The Reprise)  - The reprise from Doghearted, didn't you read the title?
Ladies and gentlemen, Canada is trying so hard to apologize for Justin Bieber and Celine Dion, I implore you to hear them out.

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