Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Face Meltingly Sensitive

Face Meltingly Sensitive
The Absolute Best Playlist of Power Ballads You’ll Ever Hear

Since the dawn of time, music has been used to express feelings of love, lost love, sadness, and, occasionally, something about how hard it is to be rich and famous. Since the dawn of hard rock, that same music has used sensitive lyrics combined with electric guitar shreds to bring tears to the Big-Haired-Acid-Washed-Denim-Wearing-Jersey-Soul in all of us. I’ve compiled what I think are the best examples of this music. I made some guidelines for myself to follow when selecting songs for this list:
  • There has to be an electric guitar present. 
  • Except for those two songs. You know the ones.
  • Song should either be about finding love, losing love, loving love, having sex, or poor little rich boy topics.
  • Band/Artist should primarily be known for straight up rock music, not love songs.
  • Except for the first song, but I give good reasons for that one.
  • Only one song per band/artist, but a previously featured artist doing a duet outside of their main gig is okay.

You can listen to the playlist here (requires Spotify). Some blatant omissions will, of course, be noted but rest assured that I will explain any and all deficiencies that I have noticed myself in the song-by-song codex below the break.