Thursday, August 15, 2013

Man of Steel: At Least There Wasn't A Giant Mountain of Kryptonite This Time

Warner Bros. takes their copyrights pretty seriously, so here's this  watermarked image of a different man of steel.

So they rebooted Superman. We all knew it was going to happen and, given the success of the current Marvel franchises, we all knew it was going to be a litmus test to see if the DC Universe could sustain the same type of interconnected storyline(s). I originally wasn't going to write this post, but an ongoing argument over the quality of the film with Mrs. AR, and seeing @Hokuboku live tweet the first Donner movie rekindled my desire to talk about the film and, truth be told, I really need to vent.

*WARNING* This entry is full of spoilers for the film. After the jump you will see plot point after plot point being written about in a very snarky and pissy manner. Anyone that complains about spoiling the movie gets a box of angry bees sent to their house.