Monday, February 7, 2011

What Has Two Thumbs and Will Consume ALL of your Free Time?

For the longest time, in order to share the fun stuff you found on the Interwebs, you'd have to either send an     e-mail, send an IM, or (GASP!) actually communicate verbally to your friends and loved ones. Thankfully there is a shining beacon of hope that has come to free us of the dreary act of talking to one another, or actually using the Internet for something productive and helpful. That beacon is StumbleUpon. Do you enjoy sleep? I hope not, because once you install this bad boy you'll never get to R.E.M. R.E.M. again.
StumbleUpon works on a very simple principle: You tell them what you like, what you don't, and a few other bits of info and they go cruising around the 'net hunting for stuff they think you'll like. If you like what they give you, click the thumbs up button and your personal preferences will be recorded/updated and you will be more likely to see more of that type of website/picture/text/video/et al.

Just for fun, I'll list five random sites that StumbleUpon gave me just today:

Of course, that's just what The application sent me. I'll show you an example of the kinds of things I get from my "friends" on a daily basis:

As you can see, StumbleUpon knows me very well. It's entirely possible that Fearless Fred is using this as a tool to enter our hearts and minds (and destroying them), but it's probably just a bunch of code monkeys sitting around laughing at fart jokes they've found on the internet (no, no link for that). As you can also see, I have some seriously screwed up friends.

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  1. FULL DISCLOSURE: I totally thumbed up my own site on StumbleUpon. DON'T JUDGE ME!