Monday, February 21, 2011

Smart Never Looked This Simple

The author of xkcd is much, much smarter than you. Accept it. It takes an exceptional mind to make up something like ChessCoaster. It also takes a twisted mind to come up with a webcomic that is equal parts sarcastic wit, hopeless romantic, sci-fi nerd, and Mathlete. It's more than a little bit scary how much I identify with the comics you'll find here, especially when you factor in the part where I'm fucking stupid. So what's the big deal? Why write a page or two about a silly little stick figure webcomic that approximately 90% of the people I know wouldn't understand? Well get cozy, Dear Readers, and I'll tell you.

If you have the time and are so inclined, I encourage to start at the very beginning of the site and continue reading until you get to the most current one. It's kind of fun to watch the site go from random drawings/sketches and slowly begin to morph into one off stories that, more often than not, cut to the quick of a Hot Topic hot topic of Modern Society. Another thing that attracts me to the comic is the author's ability to take two or more of my favorite things, and combine them into an awesome comic, that only a few select people will understand. Let me give you a few examples:

  1. Snapple & Chemistry
  2. Love & Physics
  3. Hate & Public Transportation
  4. Painkillers & Video Games
  5. Star Wars & Modern Society
As you can see, it's frakking hilarious. If you don't think it's funny, or are unsure what some of the jokes mean,  you probably didn't pay attention in high school and/or hate kittens. We've talked about this before. You know who hates kittens? Guys like this (bipartisanism is important to the aspiring writer).

The early comics, as I've said before, are mostly sketches and random drawings that don't necessarily 'say' anything, but they're still cool to look at. Sometimes the writer will latch on to a subject and follow it for three or four entries before moving on to something else and occasionally, instead of the standard black & white 3-panel stick figure comic you'll get something like this little gem. Something a lot of novices are likely to miss out on is the mouse over text. Sometimes the comic isn't funny until you've read that. Sometimes the comic isn't funny at all, and the mouse over text is what makes it worthwhile. Trust me, take the time to check out the whole comic, not just what is immediately visible to you.

This is what webcomics should be, in my opinion, not this: 
The above link represents what is wrong with webcomics as a genre (also, I was under the impression that parodies were supposed to be funny).

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