Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Walking, Yes Indeed...

I had a pretty vivid dream last night about Gandhi and Earl Grey tea. This is similar to a dream I had several years ago that I remember in vivid detail. In both dreams an Indian man was talking to be about drinking tea, and walking everywhere. Such was the vividness that I actually remember smelling the tea as it boiled in the pot (but there was no visible source of heat, so maybe dream radiation?). Anyway, the point is that during our conversation Gandhi told me that I needed to walk more so I could, "See the world the way it is meant to be seen. Also, you have a spare tire." Even my sub-conscious is snarky

I don't really have a whole lot more to talk about today. I was going to rant about politics and the almost government shutdown we had here in the States, but I'm kinda sick of that topic, and none of my favorite musicians are releasing new albums or anything (though Late July is pushing for 100 albums sold this week. You should head over to bandcamp and pick up her latest). Here's what I'll do though, because I love you, Dear Readers, like members of my own family: I promise I'll watch one of the Catman movies I own and review the shit out of it on Friday. Deal? Alright, I'm glad we talked.

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