Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dear Adam Gabriel Christian

I very, very rarely cross the streams between the real me and the corporate me. Who wants to risk total protonic reversal? However, as the big day is getting closer and closer I'm compelled to share this with everyone else. Below you'll find a blog I originally wrote on my corporate intranet blog. It's about my little sister and the tiny human currently feeding itself off of her body. Special shout out to my nieces out West. I love both of you immensely. Sorry I'm so far away.

Dear Adam Gabriel Christian,

I haven't met you yet. I haven't heard you cry, or laugh, or any of the millions of noises little ones make. You won't be here until the end of June. But I know that I love you. I know that I am going to spoil you rotten. I hadn't seen your mom, my little sister, in a few months so she had gone from normal Katie to quite pregnant Katie in a blink of an eye from my perspective. It was rather shocking. When I first saw her, in my mother's kitchen, I felt something that I haven't ever experienced before. Something that rose up in me like a wild animal. I wanted to protect her, and the little Cubs fan-to-be (and you will be a Cubs fan) inside of her, from all possible forms of harm. It was a fierce, hot, all consuming need to make sure you and my little sis were perfectly okay for always and ever.


The world won't allow that. I won't be able to protect you from every little thing that could go wrong. And, believe me, things are going to go wrong. The world you're about to be born into is full of awe-inspiring views, breathtaking wonders, and unimaginable power. It is a good world, and we are a good society, struggling in our teenage years to find ourselves and contain our rage at a Universe we perceive to be unfair and unbending. Here's a little secret though: The Universe is fair. It's fair in that it treats everyone with the same callous neutrality. Neither good, nor evil. It is our reaction or lack thereof that creates those concepts. You will experience both, in varying degrees, throughout your life. Always remember that there is an infinitely greater amount of good in the world than evil. Good creates. Evil only consumes.


I won't be there for every bad thing that happens to you. I won't be there to see every good thing. But I can assure you that I'll never be more than a phone call away. I promise you that, when the chips are truly down, Uncle Attack Resist will be there in whatever capacity I can. This world can be such an amazing place. I can't wait to share it with you. But take your time! If you show up too early you'll have to go home with one of those weird lights attached to you and, while your Nerd Uncle would relish the idea of UV baby pics, I'd just as soon have you come out when the little button pops. That's how babies work, right?

I love you, Adam. See you soon.

Uncle Attack Resist

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