Friday, January 29, 2010

What Am I Doing Here?

Okay gang, here's the drill: I encounter, on any given day, hundreds (maybe thousands) of different advertisements, products, services, food stuffs, print & film media, and websites. Most of these are either poorly executed, or fail to live up to the excitement/hype that they have generated for themselves. I'm taking it upon myself to review as many of these things as I can three times a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday, natch). It's not all going to be new stuff, and it may very well be localized to my tiny neck of the woods. The things I review aren't all going to be easy to find, either. No, you can expect reviews of obscure and out of print movies, comic books no one has ever heard of, drinks that are so awful you can only buy them at specialty stores (or the American Northeast), and other items of questionable merit. There will be some new stuff thrown in as well, don't worry.

Your job, as the Reader, will be to read this blog as often as possible and make purchasing and/or viewing decisions based solely on the information I've given you.

In case you were wondering, I'm starting this blog for three reasons:
#1. I have an insatiable desire to write.
#2. I think my opinion is the most important one in the universe.
#3. If I ever gain a big enough fan base, I'm going to install myself as Evil Overlord of the World.

Let a new age begin!

P.S. Any reader posting a 'FIRST!!!11' comment will be banned from the entire Internet. Don't be that guy/gal.


  1. Yeah I'm the first poster!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

    Eli, it sounds like a good blog, count me in as a loyal reader. I'll get someone to print it out seeing how I'm banned from the internet and all


  2. Alright, let's see what this guy can do.

  3. Where's my daily cup-o-chandler!